Death or Destiny?

Someone arrived in my office today bleeding tears from their soul. “Words” they said. “They were just words, but I can’t get them out of my head, off my mind,” they shouted with pain.

Why does that old song have to be true —- “You always hurt the one you love…..” If you are the walking wounded, know this. You are in charge of your destiny, no-one else. Not their thoughts, deeds or words. But you! If you’re smart, you’ll hand that destiny over to Jesus. It really belongs to Him anyway. If someone has spoken death into your destiny, deny them that right and believe again. Believe that Christ in you IS the hope of Glory. That’ll do it. He’s enough!

What will you be: A victim of people’s words or a product of God’s intention? Go forward in the power of Who He made you to be. Forget their words, move on and find other words. Words of life and love.

Don’t let them mess with your destiny. Tomorrow is another day and the Word says that “His mercies are new every morning” and “Joy comes in the morning…” May your life be full of magnificent mornings and free from weary words!

 Copyright © 2001-2002 Abba’s Heart Ministries       All Right Reserved

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