Cynthia’s Farewell

This is an oldie, but goodie. Some office history.

This may be harder than I thought it would be.

I began work at Abba’s Heart Ministries in October of 2000. The office was an extra back room of a chiropractic office, with one window and it was into the hallway. I was the Office Manager of this cute little hole in the wall. I worked three days a week while I attended my first semester of college. I hand wrote donation receipts and did data entry to start the Abba’s Heart Mailing List. Soon we followed Sandi’s dream and started a newsletter, Abba’s HeartBeat. In this first year I handled the calendar, the book-keeping, the donations, some of the bills, the newsletter and eventually the 2001 Ladies’ Retreat. I would spend hours, sometimes 18 at a time on the floor of that little office, organizing newsletters, labeling them, sorting them, and doing the postal paperwork for mass mailing.

Soon Abba’s Heart became Abba’s Heart Ministries, Inc. we had a steady Newsletter, Sandi was traveling all over the United Statesand we began a tape ministry while Sandi began work on her first book ideas. She half wrote a couple and then got a publisher and some guidelines. Then came the beginnings of The Prayer of Job and Brenda Deason was hired! Brenda took over the tapes and as I focused on retreats, she took over the receipts as well. After “sharing” a desk and a few times tripping over each other — literally – with me being at the computer, Brenda being on the little chair in the corner with the tape copier on her lap and Sandi sitting on the footstool while on the phone it was clearly time to move. The chiropractic office was kind enough to allow us to use the back bathroom as a storage room, but this arrangement was not going to work for long. We now laugh about those times in the first little office, where we could reach out and hand each other a paper or touch at any time no matter where we were in the office. In 2003, just before Common Ground, we moved two blocks to a new beautiful, bigger office and I finally got my own desk.

At this time I had my minor degree in Social Science and I was attending FresnoStatefull-time. The Prayer of Job was now published, Abba’s Heart Ministries, Inc. had a full working website and online store – Abba’s Max, and we were pumping out two retreats a year. With the new demands, Becky Jensen was hired! Becky took over the bookings, all the travel and the calendar, my main focus was the bills, accounting and retreats; I was back to sharing a desk.

Things at this point were rolling right along. Retreats were growing, the website was growing, the tape ministry was growing, Abba’s Max was growing, the mailing list was growing, the revival meetings were growing; Sandi began to travel overseas and to new states all the time. The insurance company that was in the bottom story of our office building was kind enough to allow us to use their storage room and space, but this would not last for long. In 2005 just before Queen Camp we moved one block away to our new MinistryCenter. After weeks of renovation and rebuilding, cleaning and the like – we were ready for our new home. I finally had my very own desk.

Then comes the Hunger to HopeRevivalCenter, we are embarking on this new undertaking; things are still growing, and then Dora Harris was hired! Dora is helping out wherever needed, she has a couple of projects going all the time … and … I am now sharing a desk.

December was a big month for me. I finished at FresnoStatewith my Bachelor’s in Communication and I got engaged to my boyfriend of almost nine-years! When it rains it pours – in January I was offered a job by the office I interned for in the Fall. I accepted the position and February 14, 2006I started work as a Congressional Field Representative for Congressman Radanovich. As the Congressman is in DC voting in Congress I will attend events and meetings, on his behalf and assist voters with certain issues.

I have truly been blessed by this position, by this place, by this ministry. I have worked here for over five years and I have been able to watch exponential growth, it has truly been amazing! Some things have changed, the characteristics and heart of this ministry has remained the same, it is just bigger. Dreams have been realized in these past couple of years. From the little front office in my house to the chiropractor’s, to the insurance building, to this, Abba’s Heart Ministries – Hunger to Hope Headquarters in downtown Kingsburg.

I have had so many good times with my co-workers. I LOVE my job. It is hard to say good-bye to this place, to this position, to you. I am not quite sure how.

I now know that I will finally be able to be a true fellow Queen Camper. As my life changes Dora is going to take over retreat coordination. We will work together on Common Ground 2006 and then Queen Camp 2006 is all hers.

Brenda – it has been a long and wonderful road; you have grown so much and I will seriously miss our conversations and laughs. Well, now you are left with only one “socializer” in the officina.

To my fellow “socializer,” Miss Becky time spent with you was sweet. I have been blessed to watch you grow. I appreciate you, I appreciate your sense of humor, I appreciate your heart.

Dora, your time here is such a blessing. Those who know me know that I am very protective over this ministry and over my job, retreats. Dora, Thank you for your time and for being so fabulous; you make this so much easier on me, I know that I am leaving things in very good, and capable hands. I am so grateful for the time that I did get to spend with you and with all of us together. Now training is over and we can go shoe shopping!

Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for all of the hugs, for all of the encouragement, for all of the laughs. I hope that I get the opportunity to thank you all and to tell you how much you have meant to me. Please pray for me, this is an exciting transition, but at the same time I mourn my time here and my time with you.

THANK you Jesus for your blessings. Thank you for your strength. Thank you for life.

And thank You Abba’s Heart supporters for being wonderful. Thanks you for seeing God’s heart in this ministry and what it tries to accomplish. Thank you for following the vision that God has set before this place. Thank you for supporting, uplifting and encouraging Sandi Querin, My Boss, My Mom, My Friend.

Mama – times were not always easy, things got hot more times than one back in that little office. I have learned so much from you. This position has prepared me for the world, thank you for trusting me. Thank you for understanding me and what I need. Thank you for setting me up to thrive. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for blessing me in so many ways. I was made for this job and I could not love another more, it has been so right, it has just been so right.

I will see you all “around” hopefully and I will be attending retreats. Thank you for everything! All I can say right now is Thank You …………………………………..

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