Who is this King of Glory?

The following is taken out of the Book of Job. God is asking Job questions birthed out of Job’s inability to remember the greatness of His God. It is a fantastic testimony of Who God is, out of His own mouth! Remember Him! Ponder Him! Know Him!

“Did you give the peacock her wings, did you give the ostrich her feathers? Do the eagles mount up at your command? Does the hawk fly because of your wisdom? Did you make the horse strong? Where were you when I formed the foundations of the earth? Did I take counsel of you when I formed the earth?

When the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy, where were you? Have you commanded the morning to come forth since the beginning of your days? Have you walked in the bottom of the sea and have the gates of death been opened up unto thee? Where does the light dwell? Where is the place of darkness? There is no man who can cause it to rain! Do you know the ordinances of heaven and can you set the dominion of it in the earth? Can you lift up your voice into the clouds and cause the abundance of waters to cover you. Does the lightning come and speak unto you and shout, “Here we are!”? Do you hunt the prey for the lion and provide food for the raven when their young are hungry? Do you have an arm like God and can your voice thunder like His?”

To fear God is to understand Who He is and to respect Him. To fear anything else, proves a lack of trusting Him to be as big as He says He is! He is big enough, let Him show you. I know you say, Sandi, I’m trying. I ask Him to do this or that. The key is not to ask Him, but to let Him ask you. What does He want? Give that to Him and you will be truly “seeking first the Kingdom of God, so that all these other things you need will automatically be added unto you…..” Be blessed.

 Copyright © 2001-2002 Abba’s Heart Ministries       All Right Reserved

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