Who Is My Father?

by Keith Carroll

Human history began in a reality that exists beyond time and space, in a spirit realm known as eternity. We don’t know a great deal about the eternal reality, but we can observe its evidence all around us. The best definitive clue we have is found in the Scripture’s description of God, as: eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and invisible. While this describes God as a Spirit, it also identifies characteristics of the spirit realm, as an extension of God.

It was in this eternal spirit realm that God conceived the idea of becoming a Father. The idea was much more than a thought, it came from His heart, out of the inner depths of His Being. God desired to become a Father and have offspring. His children would grow and develop under His fatherly tutorage, into the image and likeness of God’s own heart and character.

In order for the offspring of God to experience a true growth and development process, they will be given a “free will.” They will learn to discern and choose wisely through the exercise of their free will and the many processes of choosing. They will grow and develop into the desire of their Father.

As offspring, these Beings will be uniquely different because they will be designed to grow and develop through a process. Up to this point, Beings were created to be and do, precisely what they were created to be and do. Scripture even indicates that Satan, the great opposing force in the spirit realm, was created to be a spiritual adversary (an opposing choice) in this new thing God was doing.

Once the design was formulated, the Creator developed the material realm to be a limited and contained type of existence within the spirit realm. The contained material realm includes the vast universe with its collection of constellations, solar systems, and molecular structures; each with individual stars, planets, and minute atoms. The material realm exists within the spirit realm.

This material realm is a vast array of interacting variables designed to function with a high degree of order, while allowing for the variables of accident and mishap. The growth and development of God’s offspring will be measured by many beginning and ending time cycles like; day and night, summer and winter seasons, birth and death.

The processes the children of God experience will include many interactive variables like; positive and negative, good and evil, cause and effect, intentional and accidental. All the interacting variables and cycles in the earth are designed to assist our Heavenly Father’s purpose in humanity; the development of children that reflect and resemble their Heavenly Father’s heart and character.

God specifically equipped the Earth as the place within the spirit realm to create, then to tutor and raise His children. Within the earth’s environment God introduced this process of growth and development, demonstrating it first in a variety of plant and animal life forms.

When the right time arrived in the material realm, God created humanity, giving them a free will to exercise and choose how they respond to the variables and cycles of life.

1. Why does God allow bad things to happen?
It’s a result of our environment of variance.
God can bring a good out of every bad that happens.
1Thessalonians 5:16-18 says we are to “give thanks in everything.” Not for but in.

2. What unique experiences do children of God have, that spirits (angels) cannot experience?
a. Create offspring and give birth to children.
b. Exercise free will and make choice.
c. Have faith and believe

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