The Walking Wounded

There are elements in each life that war against our ability to fully trust the Lord. These elements are peeled away as we are immersed into the river of true abundant living. This abundant living may only be experienced as we go on our quest for excellence in the Lord by becoming vulnerable to who God really is.

The revelation of who God really is always goes farther than we planned and brings rewards greater than we can hold. True abundant living starts on the inside and manifests itself on the outside. The struggle between the spirit and the flesh has created “the walking wounded” of this current age.

The “walking wounded” are those who have tried to have faith. Tried to believe. Tried to move on. But, the wound is too great and the cut too deep. The skin has healed, but the bone is infected. The “walking wounded” minister out of their wounds and the Lord wants them to minister out of the healing from those wounds. Wounded faith is the #1 cause, in my estimation, for the lack of expectancy upon the earth today. When the disappointment is too great, we avoid the process by which it came to us. “I prayed or hoped this way or that way and it didn’t come to pass as I expected. So, I’ll hold on to my knowledge and love of God; BUT, I’m not walking down that road of expectancy again. I’m disappointed and all this faith stuff just doesn’t work for me.” This is not the reason Christ died and rose again! He came that we would be vibrant and free. He came to bestow the abundance of who He is upon us. The Word says that He came to give us not just life, but life more abundantly!

Here’s how the onion peels: Wounded faith will cause you to not expect. A lack of expectancy creates a lack of trust. Without trust there is fear. Fear will rob you of the ability to live in abundance.

Fear will tell you that it is easier to be wounded than healed. Listen, we serve the Lord God, Creator of all things! If he wanted to kill you, He’d of done it by now. Trust Him to fix the mess you have made. Don’t be a hostage to fear.

In Luke 17, when Christ healed the 10 lepers, it is said “that as they went, they were cleansed.” The small army of “walking wounded.” Then, one of the lepers came back and with a loud voice glorified God, kneeled down and thanked Jesus. The Lord then says to him, “Arise, go thy way, thy faith hath made thee whole.” Trust was laying within his faith. What’s laying within yours?

The “Walking Wounded” can’t trust the Lord. They are too hurt and misunderstood. Too persecuted. Those things lead to anger and mistrust. Trade them in today for the ability to trust the Lord in it.

The difference between being cleansed and being whole is huge. If you’re cleansed, you can look pretty good; walking around without leprosy and all! But, being whole is a different story. Being whole means that you are not only minus your physical leprosy, but your heart and motives are without the leprosy. Being whole will compel you to call the leprosy out of others. Being whole means that you trust the Lord enough to sweep the shadows out of your soul. Forsake a mere cleansing for being made whole today!

Many of us don’t know the extent of our bondage, so we never seek deliverance. Keeping busy and never asking for the soul wrecking, ruinous truth will keep the revelation of your bondage “in the closet.”
How can we embrace the cure if we are afraid of the solution that leads to that cure? If we keep running from the Lord’s truth, we are without trust. Your faith may be large. You may be able to believe for someone else, but not yourself. That’s because you have faith, but lack the ability to Trust Christ in that faith. Immature faith really.

You can have faith, but without trust, that faith will never take you to abundance. Aren’t you tired of living in lack? Aren’t you tired of walking around wounded? That stuff is for zombies — We are the Redeemed! Enter the classroom of the Holy Spirit today and allow Him to teach you the rules of abundance! Ask Him to come, He’ll show up, He always does.

 Copyright © 2001-2002 Abba’s Heart Ministries       All Right Reserved

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