The Bride and the Church

I give you this with caution and excitement.  I don’t share these things with very many people, but this vision I was compelled to share with a few churches and it has spearheaded a revolution in them.  I thought it would assist you in your quest to go forward with Him.  Please read it prayerfully and share it with Wisdom.  I pray that wherever it takes you, that it will surely be that place of abundance in Him.

Your friend in the Bonds of Calvary,

Sandi Querin

November-December, 2003

The vision of “The Bride” came first.

It is a beautiful Chapel and it is the Wedding of the Ages.  God Himself is officiating.  Jesus is patiently waiting as the Groom whose day has finally come. His eyes are fixed upon the door at the end of the long aisle where she will emerge; the Bride of His longing and desire.  The Holy Spirit is standing in as the “Best Man.”

The Wedding March begins to play as the Lord waits.  The guests seem anxious and excited.  I am looking for the Bride and she is nowhere to be found.  It’s my job to see to it that she arrives safely and on time.  I can’t find her anywhere.  I begin to panic and the Wedding March plays on.

I finally find her in a back room.  She is stuffing herself with chocolate and her dress is a mess.  She has chocolate stains all over it and she keeps shoving chocolate into her mouth by the pound.  The chocolate is everywhere; it’s all over her face and hands, and she won’t stop eating.  The chocolate has stained her gown.  She keeps wiping her hands off on her gown and it just keeps getting dirtier and dirtier.  I beg her to stop eating and she won’t.  I try to clean up the dress and she pushes me away.  I urge her to let me help her.  I remind her that it is her Wedding Day and I cause her to take note that the Wedding March is playing and it is her song……. She needs to get up now and go to the Lord.  She won’t.  I try to force her and then I realize her dress in gapping in the back.  She has outgrown her wedding gown by about 10 sizes.  She is a sloppy mess and there is no way I can zip up her dress.  I begin to cry and shout at her.  She tells me to leave her alone and says, “There is plenty of time,” with a wave of her hand.

Some of her friends walk by the Chapel and she notices them from a window near where she is sitting.  There are two men and two women.  She jumps up and shouts to them.  They stop, smile and wave to her.  They motion for her to come outside with them.  She pushes me out of the way, tripping over her dress on the way out.  The very gown of redemption and honor, now appears to be a chain around her neck….. an instrument of much inconvenience; but she doesn’t take it off.  Somehow I wish she would; she is disgracing the purpose of it.  I plead with her and she becomes violent and totally self-absorbed.  She leaves the Chapel and I know by instinct that I cannot follow her, I want to, but I can’t do it.  She runs to them and I can’t stop her.

She greets them and immediately begins to flirt with the men.  She positions herself in between the men and women, appearing to want all the attention for herself.  The men leave with her and the women follow behind.  I thought the women would be upset, but they weren’t.  They were happy to yield to her and seem very pleased that she has come to take their men away, like they have captured a trophy.  They have obviously planned it this way.  They have made sure that she feels desired as the object of these men’s affection.  Somehow she feels special that the men have chosen her over their earlier companions.  She joys in this and flaunts it to the other women.  The men continue to flirt with The Bride and she is blinded by their affections.  The women grin at one another as if the ambush was a success, as if they have won a great prize, as if they have broken the Lord’s heart.

I scream at her from the window, but she can’t hear me.  The two women glare at me and tell me to be quiet, I won’t.  I scream again and by now, they are out of my reach.  The Bride never looks back.

I cry uncontrollably and slump to the floor.  The Lord’s heart will surely be broken as he is denied his Bride and left waiting at the altar.  I am consumed with the thought of Jesus being denied and it horrifies me.  As I am weeping, the Holy Spirit comes into the room and asks me what is wrong.  I tell Him what has happened and tell Him, “Her gown is all but destroyed and she has become a whore, what will I do?”  He says that I should “go and collect The Lost.”  He said, “All things have been made ready and it’s almost time.  The Lord must not be denied.  Those who have become weary in waiting have been devoured by their own lusts; the seducing spirits of the end times have had their way with some who were called because they were not careful and did not protect the Love of God in their hearts. They never walked past being Called and into being Chosen. To be chosen is our choice and this bride never understood that.

The Bride has prostituted herself, but the wedding must go on.  There is another Bride waiting to fulfill the heart of the Lord, go and get her.  She is The Lost who will joy over being redeemed and her love will be unshakeable toward the Savior, she will give all to Him and thereby her love will be safe.  Many of those who wore the gown have forgotten what they have been saved from and have not known what they were saved into.  A man doesn’t need to know sin to love much, he just needs to know he was redeemed from having to experience it and this will cause him to know the true meaning of the word spoken by the Lord, ‘Those who are saved from much love much.’  Every vessel is saved from much, but few understand this and so they take the Lord Jesus lightly and are consumed upon their own lusts instead of His desires.  So, Go.  Go and get The Lost who will be the true Bride.  Go and get those who understand they are nothing without Christ; those who know that they are Redeemed.   Get the Lost in the World and in the Church, I will cause them to love much and they will be The Bride that will defend their beloved Lord with their life.  This Bride is afraid of nothing and no-one can intimidate her, she only wants to please her Savior.”

I rise up and try to get over this great loss.  I cannot.  I begin to pray and the Holy Spirit prays for me and with me.  He becomes the prayer.  Intercession overcomes the building and I cannot say how much time passed.  I knew it was only moments, but yet it seemed like days, for the progress that occurred in my Spirit.  It is not about doctrine, religion or theology.  It is not about denomination,

outreach, evangelism, program or even the prayer meeting, the worship or the sermon.  It’s about Who we are looking to in those things.  Those things are to be perfected in the name of Jesus.

Our prayer time has ended and a sense of relief rests upon me like a warm blanket on a very cold day.  I simply sit and am content in doing so.  There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, not a word to be uttered.

Then I see her.  The new Bride of the latter day comes and she enters the building. For a moment I forget the former bride and am breathless as I gaze upon the beauty of she who has won the heart of the Lord. Truly all brides pale in comparison to her.  She has only one thing on her mind:  Jesus!  Where is He and how is He?  Her heart breaks for Him and it is evident that she wants Him taken care of.   She is overwhelmed with the longing desire to please Him who has Redeemed and Loved her.

She walks with confidence and purpose, knowing that she is not late, but understanding the urgency of the situation.  As she slowly strolls down the aisle, I look up and am amazed at her beauty.  The Holy Spirit whispers to me before He leaves to take His place at the altar, “It is the glory and beauty of the Redeemed that you see.  God’s glory on His chosen vessel.”  My heart pounds: “Explain The Redeemed to me Lord.  If she is The Bride, I want to become her.”  I determine in my soul that I will find this answer, if the Lord be willing, no matter what it takes.

People keep entering the building, I perceive that they are the lost continuing to get saved.  They are the religious and church hypocrites who have not lived Christ fully, who now desire Him more than themselves.  As they enter, they immediately turn into a vapor and soak into the wedding gown.  As this happens, her gown becomes more illuminated and glorious.  This gown is beaded and was made to fit her like a glove, it seems to be part of her.  The white of it seems to be almost supernatural.  So white it pierces the eyes almost painfully, yet I can’t take my eyes off of it.  With each pass of this vapor of souls that join her in her march toward her Beloved; with each step she takes, she becomes more radiant.  Almost too radiant to behold!

As she slowly goes forward, the Wedding March becomes louder and sweeter and more intense.  Some of the people in the “audience” try to distract her.  I wasn’t expecting this, but yet here they are, trying to get her attention.  Taking her picture and commenting to one another about how beautiful she is.  She cares not for their affection, she only wants Him.  The One she came for.  Jesus.  She will not take her eyes off of the Lord.  The people keep trying to get her attention.  She ignores them!  They seem to be buzzing with things that don’t really relate to what’s going on. They have become Martha while Mary walks down the aisle.  They are busy discussing church programs, politics, procedure; while purity, peace and power walks past them.  Oh, that Christ’s beloved Church would rise up and be the Bride.

I admire The Bride for her perseverance in her purpose. She ignores all of them and simply wants Jesus.  I am at peace and have a knowing that she will surely make it to the altar.

The Wedding March is getting louder now and I hear a faint cry outside, so I go to the back and strain to see a figure in a far off place.  Could it be?  Yes, it is she who wore the Bridal Gown and denied the Lord; the former Bride. She hears the March and is in a panic.  She is running to the Chapel.

My eyes are able to see this great distance and I see the panic on her face.  She is scraping the people off of her that she left with.  They are not easy to get rid of, but somehow she breaks free and tries to straighten up her gown.  She has been in the mud.  She looks a hundred years old.  Her face is scarred and there are big patches of her hair missing.  She looks abused and in torments.  She isn’t just dirty, she is filthy; the kind of filth that is on a person who has no dignity of life or value in themselves.  She looks as if she hasn’t showered in months.  She is frantically cleaning herself and crying with much repentance.  I want to go and help her and as I make a run for the door, I hear these words resounding: “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still; and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still; and he that is holy, let him be holy still.  Behold, I come quickly and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.”  (Revelation 22:11)  I withdraw my step and know that this is the work of the Holy Spirit, that He is calling her for the Lord, even from where He is:  At the altar of the wedding ceremony. She must respond with her whole heart, no-one can do it for her this time. Not her church or her ministry or her service.  Only Christ.  Let her be righteous Lord and Holy, before it’s too late. I weep for a long time at the potential loss.  The Lord will be the judge of who is just and unjust.  I know that if she makes it into the Chapel that she will be okay, I just don’t know if she makes it.  She is running and tripping over the gown, crying and screaming.  She is terribly out of breath because of all the weight she is carrying.  I sit and watch, hoping and praying that she will make it.

I turn to look at the Bride in the Chapel and she is sweetly marching down the aisle and I notice the Lord’s great anticipation.  He is desperate and hungry for her.  It’s as it should be.

She continues to be “vaporized” by those joining her and it is a beautiful thing to see the lost so excited about Redemption.  She is about ¾ of the way to the Altar.  The Lord is beginning to become very excited as He shifts His weight from side to side.  The steps to the altar are soon approaching, the wait is almost over.

I glance out the window and see she who denied the Lord, still running and I cannot tell whether she will make it or not.  If she would have just gotten ready when she was under the protection and all the resources of her Groom….  I ponder the differences between these two:  The one who “made it” and the one who is “trying to make it.”  It is clear to me that one is in love with Jesus with a reckless abandon and the other was distracted from that love by a love for herself.  One was Called, the other accepted to be Chosen and submitted to the price of that (Matthew 20:16).  “Many are called and few are chosen” means that we are called, but few of us actually choose or prefer Christ above ourselves in order to move into the “Chosen status.”  Not better, just chosen because we submitted to His divine choices for our life.  There are vessels of honor and dishonor in the house of God Paul told Timothy.   The Bride was honorable and chosen.  The others were dishonorable and called.  The people in the pews made it into the wedding.  They were there, but they were not the bride.  They were invited to be the bride, but stopped short at the pew.   The Lord called us to be “peculiar”, but being normal and conforming to the things of this world is far easier.

If we are hopelessly in love with Jesus, we will hear the Wedding March, if we are not, we will become deaf to it.

It’s hard to get ready when you don’t hear the Wedding March.  May we always hear it; even today.

The vision of The Church came second.

The Church is beautiful, inside and outside.  I can’t get over the beauty of it.  I like being in the Church.  I keep commenting to myself on it’s beauty and how well cared for it is.  However, the Church is empty and that bothers me.  It seems like many people should be in here to enjoy this place.  I try to find someone, but there is no-one around.  I go outside and notice that the building is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

Then I observe the environment and surroundings in which this beautiful Church is placed.  This is a dark and dreary neighborhood, gothic and cold.  A fog surrounds anything that moves and there is a putrid, rancid smelling ash that floats though the air.  This church seems out of place here.  The sky is gray, almost black and there are people walking about with no direction, almost faceless.  Pale and cold, they walk with no thought or hope.  They are zombies, drones, purposeless people.  They walk past the church and don’t even notice it.  I think it is strange that they don’t even look up at the building.  It is such a beautiful place and I’m figuring it would be an encouragement to just look upon something so beautiful, if you lived in this horrible neighborhood.  Then it hits me.  It’s not “this neighborhood” that’s in this condition, it is the world.  This is “every neighborhood!”  I never knew it before, not until this moment.

I admire the Church at first for not being affected by the ugliness around it, but then I stop in horror as I realize that this Church has not affected it’s surroundings for the causes of Christ.  It has not been affected by anyone and it has not been effective to anyone.  If we don’t effect anyone, then they will affect us.  This Church has become neutral ground.  But, we were not called to be neutral.  We were called to affect change.  We are The Church.  I shout to the building as if it could hear me, “You are Christ’s blood poured out upon the earth!”

I instantly find myself back in the Church and in a moment there are four people who stop on the sidewalk in front of the Church.  I can see them from where I am inside the Church.  They ponder for a moment and huddle together; they are able to see the Church somehow through the ash and fog.  I wonder why they can see it and nobody else can.  They drag their seemingly lifeless bodies up the great stairway and into the Church.

When they get into the Church, something inside them leaps.  They take their hats and gloves off and look around in wonder and amazement.  Clearly, they have been here before and I can’t imagine when.   I get the sense that they are so grateful to be here as they gaze at the beauty around them.  They seem to be remembering and yet at the same time, desperate.

They begin to shout for help.  They yell, “We have come for Redemption, help us!”  When they do, the Church becomes as old, dreary and pale as the environment outside.  It begins to close in on them and they become afraid and sick.  All that was beautiful is gone and it’s as if the true heart of this place is exposed when it cannot produce the very thing it was created to; the thing these four people are asking for:  Help and Redemption.  As long as they just admired the Church and didn’t expect anything of it, all was well.  But, when they asked for a cure, it became venomous and angry to hide it’s lack.  It’s true nature was revealed as no different than the surroundings these people came from.  I am in shock at this and am greatly dismayed at the plight of these poor people who have finally been able to see the Church, who were brave enough to come in —— only to find no help in a time of need.

I emerge from a side door and ask what their names are.  “Selfishness,  Addiction, Perversion and Hope.”  Hope?  I immediately wonder what Hope is doing hanging out with these guys.  Proverbs 31:12 says that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick………..”  But Zechariah 9:12 tells us to “Turn to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope…..”   We have to fight the enemy that would love to steal our hope.  Fight the adversary, not the situation.  It is false hope that I see—weakness that feigns itself as strength.

Perhaps Hope got tired of fighting, tired of waiting, tired of believing, tired of hoping.  Perhaps Hope forgot Who she should rest in – not a promise, thought or provision – not an ideal or religion – but Hope should rest in Jesus Christ alone, He who fulfills promises is faithful to provide and goes past our ideals and religions.  Hope should always rest only in Christ.

I know that Selfishness is the child of Pride.  Addiction is the child of Disobedience and Perversion is the child of Rebellion.  But Hope is the child of Faith; which is the revelation of God’s great intention toward mankind bathed in Christ’s ability in us to perform it.  We must never give up!

Could it be that Hope became so tired of believing and waiting that she became just as lost as Selfishness, Addiction and Perversion who rose up because of the destruction and loss of man’s humility, obedience and discipline?  The answer comes as a resounding and painful “Yes.”  I ask Hope what happened and she says to me, “Will the Lord find any Faith when He returns?”  Oh, the pain of that statement.  I drop to my knees and all I can do is cry.  The four of them seem to be unmoved, yet standing.  I cry for the longest time, feeling a horrible sense of loss.

I rise to my feet to see the building falling around me.  Each time I look at these visitors, I get a sense of knowing that they belong here.  Somehow, they are not total strangers to this place.  They begin to survey the Church as if they know it from a time past.

Finally they begin to weep.  I had waited for a sense of emotion from them and was wondering if it would ever come.  They weep and cry out: “We were the pillars of this House, the Great House of God.”  I step back in shock and cannot believe what I have heard.  I ask “What did you just say?” from across the room.  I begin to step forward to make them stop their foul remarks about the House Of God.  And they shout at me in unison,  “We were the pillars of this House, the Great House of God.”  I fall to the floor and the Lord gives me a vision of how it was, how it used to be……. The Glory of the former house………  Humility, Obedience, Discipline and Hope graced the corners of the building while Purity, Peace, Provision, Love, Laughter and Longsuffering knew their places in the walls along with the Fruits of the Spirit and the attributes of Christ.  Every element of Christ that allows Humility, Discipline, Obedience and Hope to reign were wrapped up in this place at one time when it was the Great House of God.  The pillars are alive as they stand in the corners of this place.  Grace and Mercy are the roof while Joy and Abundance are the doors.  Holiness and Honesty are the windows.

Jesus Christ Himself resides in this place, while the Holy Spirit walks back and forth speaking blessings upon all who enter in.   It is amazing how each attribute of Christ makes up part of the structure.  It is alive; absolutely alive and flourishing.

Then I am reminded of the current state of this Church and I become undone with horror at the reality of where this place has slipped to from where it once was.  “Oh, to see the former house,” I cry in my heart.

The Holy Spirit whispers to me, “The latter day reign will be greater and the latter day house shall be greater than this former house, if you will believe.”

I come back to myself and the vision of the former house is gone.  All I have left is this crumbling structure that has no heart or hope.  I wonder to myself, “How on earth did this place arrive in this state?  How could it be?  It was so glorious and seemed so protected.”  I am reminded of the pillars of Humility, Discipline, Obedience and Hope.  I am reminded that every kind of Purity, Grace, Love and Faith have birthed those pillars, but as every child or gift, they must be cared for and these were not; so they gave way to their enemies of selfishness, pride, rebellion, disobedience, perversion and disbelief which overcame this crumbling house.

Then I see the four of them, repenting and trying to find Redemption.  What will I do Lord, what ever will I do?  They are trying to be the pillars they once were, but clearly they are no longer in love with Christ and clearly they are too wounded to fight or love anymore.  They shout authority that they no longer have.  They know nothing.  The pure Love of God is what they need, but where will I find it in order to help them?

My attention is drawn to a door that is at the other end of the Church.  A light is coming out from under the door.  I had not noticed this door before and I move toward it.  The four follow me in and what I see is a room that has not been affected by the gloom of the Church or the surrounding environment; although this place is actually part of the Church, but somehow protected.

The light is bright and the room is warm and you can actually feel the love of the Lord in this place.  I forgot how cold I was in the other part of the building.  There are seven of them.  Seven people and they are praying and glorifying God.  They are not praying FOR anyone as much as they are praying TO someone.  They are praying for the heart of Christ.  They are praying for a love of the Word of God.  They are praying to gain a love for the lost, God’s love.  They are praying; not against the gloom of the outside, but that they would be able to change the gloom.  They are praying to the Lord with a confidence that He will have His way.  Not because they prayed, but because He is God and He is faithful.  They pray because they love Him.

Everything they speak is a demonstration of humility and willingness to obey whatever it is the Lord would reveal to them.  They have not brought their “prayer requests” into this place.  Instead, they are praying as the Holy Spirit leads them.  They are praying that they would hear and obey the heart of the Lord Jesus.  They are praying that they would understand and discipline themselves to the Word of God.  They are sick of religion.  They are sick of programs.  They are sick of man’s manipulation of Revival.  They are sick of books about intercession and warfare and worship.  They just want Him.  They just want Jesus; just a closer walk, just a sweeter touch, just a longer embrace, a more lingering presence.  Not

for the purpose of proving or demonstrating anything to anyone.  They only want Him because they love Him so much.  They have clearly chosen Christ above all.

These Seven remind me of The Bride who accomplished the ceremony of the earlier Vision —– they never take their heart, mind or eye off His affection and desire; it’s all for Jesus.  They are more than praying.  They are communing with Him and visiting with Him.  As they enjoy His fellowship, they seem to see Him and know Him.  They are the Redeemed!

It is then that I realize, these four people that I have brought into this room are the people that led the first Bride away:  Selfishness, Addiction, Perversion and false Hope.  I am supposing that when she went running for the Chapel and scraped them off of her, that it made a way for these four to find and enter into this Church.  The former Bride’s determination must have made a statement in the Spirit for these foul things to loose their grip on Humility, Obedience, Discipline and true Hope.  Somehow they made their way back.  Searching to be restored, redeemed and renewed.  Searching to find truth and embrace Jesus and His saints once again.

It isn’t until this moment that I realize these two visions are connected.  They came at the end of a 40 day fast.  The first took about a month to get through because of the pain in it.  Two days later the second vision came and lasted for a week.  I cannot tell you how vivid and real these were.  Even now, I tremble for the reality of them and how alive the Lord allowed them to be.

I begin to understand the widow woman at the door of the unjust judge when she cries “Avenge me of my adversary” in Luke 18.  She doesn’t ask to be delivered or avenged of her problems upon the earth, she wants to be delivered of her adversary.  She has not put a face to her trouble, she understands the enemy of her soul is her adversary and she won’t be distracted or wrapped up in an earthly battle with people.  She came to the judge!

Ephesians 6:12 says that we “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  THAT is our adversary, he who brings the evil, not those who carry the evil.  Praying in the spirit to affect change in the spiritual realm where principalities are dictated…………that is our heritage.  Some will never go there and so they will perish with those who are consumed by the adversary.  The saddest part of this is that those carrying the evil would love to be delivered, but instead of giving life, we often bring death because life would cost too much:  It would cost too much to live and too much to give to someone else.  So, we become offended and wounded, never being avenged or delivered; allowing our bondage to put others in bondage!

The Seven in this room are accomplishing great things through prayer.  They are praying against principalities and powers.  They are not praying their will or desires or even the needs around them, they are praying the Lord’s heart and seeking for the evil in their own hearts to be revealed so that they can go forward in the authority of Christ.  They have come to understand that unless you submit to the authority of Christ that you have no authority over the enemy or in your situations.  Oh to hear them repent, rejoice and pray is the sweetest song I have ever heard, the sweetest fruit I have ever tasted.

I ask if they are intercessors and they say it’s not for them to talk about who they are or what they do, but only to joy in Who Christ is and what He will do.  They have truly lost themselves and their identity in Christ.  They have not gained their identity through their gifts or their callings, but rather they have gained it through Christ and Christ alone!  I love that they refused to talk about themselves.  I felt so safe in this room when they denied discussion about themselves.  I felt like everything was going to be all right because they weren’t going to be seduced, self-absorbed or deceived.  It just felt right.  I shuddered when I remembered all those in times past who came to me declaring that they were “Intercessors and Warriors.”  Truly the “closet” is the best place to discuss those titles; and to discuss it with He who gave them.

I am overwhelmed by the purity and humility bathed with such power.  These seven must represent something special.  Perhaps the Seven Spirits of the Lord.  Perhaps God’s perfect plan for the earth.  Perhaps our direction and inspiration on how to not mess it up.  Perhaps I’m just not sure, but I believe the Lord will tell each of us as we ponder these things in our heart.

Selfishness, Rebellion, Disobedience and Hope have been sitting this whole time.  Speechless and immoveable.  They become agitated and start to move about.  It’s hard to “be still and know that He is God,” when you are used to running about hiding your ailments behind your Christianity.  The Seven rise up at once and do not ask very nicely, but command and demand that they sit still and be still.  I had no idea of the power and force in these Seven.  They seemed to be so gentle and loving.  But, I guess the other side of gentle and loving is not apathy and complacency, but rather, force and passion.  They are putting up with nothing foul.  It immediately dawns on me that that is how they have maintained this place, by not allowing the attitudes or ideas of the world to enter in, not even for a moment.  It is extremely obvious that Compromise and Complacency have never been allowed to set foot in this place.

The Four sit down and never move again until they are told to.  The Seven stand up as one.  I never see them move out of unison with one another.  They come as one person and point to the Four and tell them to “Repent and the Lord will hear you.”  The Seven tell them that their hearts have been prepared by the tears of the saints that

have gone on before them and those tears have been collected for such a time as this.  They are told to rise up and return to the Lord in purity and true love that goes beyond themselves.  They are told to rise up and receive their Redemption.  They stand and their feet become enlarged.  Their feet become strong.  They seem to be made out of something different than the rest of their bodies.  It’s not brass or iron.  I don’t know what it is and can’t stop looking at it.  They are told by the Seven that their feet must always bear the news of Christ and for this to happen they must be full of the word of God.  They are told that as their feet go forward they will reclaim the ground that the enemy has taken from them.  They are warned to never allow him in their land again.  The Seven explain in no uncertain terms that this whole mess happened because Humility, Discipline, Obedience and Hope allowed Compromise and Complacency to enter in to The Church.  When those two entered in, they had the ability to change the entire structure and deceive a multitude.  They were warned to never allow this to happen again.  They began to rejoice and be glad.  They left the room and went to the corners of the building and began to cast the devil out and take dominion and authority over him.  The building started to slowly gain her glory back.  There was much work to do.  But, I noticed two monumental things as they were warring and rejoicing in their stations of calling.

First, the people outside began to stop and look at The Church, it was peering through the fog now and some of the ash from outside was actually lifting off the church, allowing the sweet fragrance of the Lord to emerge.  It smelled like fresh baked bread, like donuts and then like hot soup on a cold day. It was a slow change but it was powerful.  It was weighty and something that you had the feeling you couldn’t stop, even if you tried really hard, it was unstoppable and immoveable.

Second, as Humility, Discipline, Obedience and Hope began to have free reign in the church; the bride who had left the Lord and was prostituting herself began to look younger and less abused.  Her gown was starting to fit and was slowly, ever so slowly becoming white.  Somehow I could see her from where I was, like through a looking glass………. I could see her running and not with horror on her face, but with great joy and anticipation.  As she was running to the Lord, she was rejoicing.  She was finished repenting, she was concentrating on the race that was set before her and she has determined to shed any weight or sin that would beset her or prevent her from running it correctly or swiftly.

I could see inside the Chapel now.  The Bride was approaching the first step to ascend up to the Altar where Jesus was waiting so patiently for her.  She is intact and beautiful.  The Holy Spirit is looking about, to and fro, and then His eye catches the former Bride running to meet and

merge with the latter Bride and He smiles.  He actually smiles.  I think she is going to make it now.  The pillars of the church, given by the Lord Himself, have empowered her to run. As they begin to do their jobs, she becomes stronger and more able for the race.

The Church has a slow trickle of people who are coming in to see what is happening.  The Seven remain in the back and somehow I know that they are the very foundation of this place, as they carry the very heart and desires of Christ.  People are mulling about, some are cleaning, some are crying, some are rejoicing and some are helping others.  They have no desire toward anyone but the Lord and you can see everyone in this place asking Jesus what HE wants and what HE wants to do, it is no longer about what THEY want.  It’s about He who built the house in the first place.

As we embrace these elements of Humility, Discipline, Obedience and Hope, may we bring our crowns to lay at the feet of Jesus and call Him Worthy, Holy and Glorious!

As I ponder the immensity and significance of these visions and the gravity of their intention, I ask the Lord, “What is the true meaning?”  The answer comes as a question, “To what degree are you willing to separate yourself from the world to gain my Heart?”

Copyright Abba’s Heart Ministries 2003

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