The Authority of Calvary

by David Cooley

The following is a vision that David Cooley of California shared with me. He is a choice and proven vessel of God and I share this with you here, in hopes that it will reveal truth and purpose to you. Always In His Care, Sandi Querin

Jesus and I are seated at a table, in discussion. It is an abiding time, just the two of us. I said, “I’ve come to inquire of your heart and the Father’s heart.” Jesus replied, “Let me give you a hug first.” We stood up, and as I went to hug Him, He changed from having white, clean clothing to the Jesus of the cross, bloody, beaten, torn flesh and sores. As we hugged and I put my arms around Him, I quickly pulled back and said, “I don’t want to hurt you.” He softly replied, “The physical hurt and pain is gone, it was done at Calvary.”

Then He asked me, “Do you smell anything? The smell of blood, flesh, sores, the smell of sin.” I quickly responded, “No I don’t.” “It was finished and left at Calvary”, he repeated.

I then looked down at my clothes and saw they had blood stains from hugging Him. He then replied, “I want you to have a deeper understanding of Calvary. You now have a little more of Me on you.” With deep emotion I hung my head. As I looked down I noticed the blood that had dripped off of Him formed a pool of blood on the floor, of which I was standing in. It wasn’t just any blood, it was His blood, and I started to weep. He then stated, “You now have My blood on your feet. I want you to walk in, and understand, the authority of Calvary.” We then sat down and He transformed back into his white, clean clothing.

(I realized that His physical pain may have ended at Calvary, but the emotional or heart-felt pain He must have experienced, continues even today, as we walk in disobedience and continue to walk in our sin. Why would He ask me if I smelled anything? Then I understood. We are to be a sweet fragrance unto Him. Sin has a terrible stench to it. When we continue to take our sins off the cross, and continue to carry them, we have a stench about us. Why would we want to be the stench of Calvary to Him, when He paid such a price for us to be free.

I then pondered, why would I not hesitate to hug someone in that condition? Why didn’t I flinch back in disgust or horror – why?) Then He answered, “Because I asked you to. It’s called obedience, and that is such an enormous aspect in the authority of Calvary.”

As I pondered and went into prayer on understanding this authority of Calvary, I was given another vision. I was out in a desert type of area. There were rock formations placed every so often. These reached up so very high. About 100-150 feet high. These formations reminded me of pedestals. They were smaller at the base, long and narrow, as they stretched upward. They expanded out at the top. The top of the rocks were smooth and very flat, approximately 15 feet in diameter. It was amazing to me how these formations ever lasted. How they have stood the test of time, and all the weather conditions, without toppling over. It truly was quite an amazing site.

The sky above stretched out as far as one could see. The sky and clouds were moving very fast (like speeded up photography). There was no one out here, except for me.

Looking upon these rock formations, you would think, they would be very difficult, if not impossible, to climb. But I must have climbed it easily for I found myself on the top of one of the rocks. Like a camera moving or panning back, I could see this rock formation, and I was standing on it with arms stretched out praising my God in this great vastness as the sky continued to move. I could hear way off in the distance, sounds of thunder bellowing. With overwhelming reverence I bowed down on my knees. A light beam shone down upon me. I tried to look up at the light, but couldn’t, due to its brilliance. Sunset came, night passed then sunrise. Then the Lord spoke, “Did you notice that you climbed up here rather easily? You have been through the desert of life, been through much fire, and you have searched Me out with much perseverance, and found Me. It was I who lifted you up to this high place. Notice you are alone up here. Notice you are up high off the ground, but you have no fear. On the rock (Jesus) you are safe. This is a place of abiding. This is my territory. If you were to venture out past the ledge you would fall to your death. When you walk in the enemy’s territory, the enemy’s camp, there is great danger, the possibility of much damage and the end result is death.”

The Lord then explained, “These high rock formations represent a person’s life path to which I have called them. You wondered why these formations have stood the test of time? If a person will answer my call, walk the narrow path, it will never falter or fail, for My hand is upon it. To get to the top of the rock and to stay is a choice each one must make.”

Then I looked and the desert floor was filled with much motion. People were everywhere. I could see groups of people gathered around other rock formations, but further out from the base of the rocks, those same groups seemed to blend in with all the others who were busy walking in every different direction. Again the Lord explained, “The other people covering the ground represent the world and its busyness. The group’s gathered around the rocks represent the church.”

I watched and pondered a group around one of the rocks. There were those in the group who just stood and stared up at it. Some with great thought and interest, but that is all they ever did. Others moved about in their pain and sickness, looking down, not ever stopping to look up at the rock. Others moved back and forth, mixing in with the rest of the motion, the rest of the world. But there were a few in the group making attempts to climb the rock. Some tried with a half-hearted attitude, but didn’t get very far and fell off. Others more determined, got up towards the top where the rock started to expand outward. They found it was harder to hang on, that it wasn’t worth that much effort, and let go.

Then I looked around me at the tops of other rock formations. Many were empty, but then off in a distance, I could see others being occupied. One person per rock.

I asked the Lord, “Why are some of the rocks not occupied?” “They were once occupied,” He replied. “But to stay there takes a whole new commitment. They had things in the world they could not let go of, and as a result, they were pulled back down.”

It was now night fall again, and the thundering I had heard in the distance was now upon us. The sky turned black with clouds and the darkness of night fell. The storm hit with torrents of rain, tremendous wind, and flashes of lighting and loud crashes of thunder. I could hear the screams below as the people scattered and ran for shelter. It was cold, wet, and lonely. It seemed like the wind was determined to blow us off the tops of these rocks.

Then the voice of Lord said, “How do you feel now? Do you still want to stay up here, for it’s not always comfortable and can be somewhat terrifying at times.”

With an overwhelming love for the Lord, and tears in my eyes, I cried out “I’M NOT LEAVING”. Suddenly in the midst of this great storm, on the top of the rock, there was a calm and the area became illuminated in light, despite the turbulence around me. I looked out into the darkness and I could see the glow of other lights on the tops of other rock formations. Emotion welled up inside me and I was full of joy, for there were others that hadn’t given up, hadn’t left the storm and run for shelter.

(Once again I pondered upon these things and His Spirit made it very clear, we can’t dwell on the rock in couples or in groups. It is a walk that takes abiding and can only be found alone in fellowship, in Him. And in that place one can experience peace, even in the midst of a storm.

Up here on the top of the rock one is very vulnerable. As one looks out in awe, into the great expanse, one sees how very small we really are. And yet, the Lord has called each of us. Up on that rock one has nothing to grab on to, other than God. And if Christ had to suffer Calvary, is there anything by comparison, we can’t endure? For it truly is a place of loss of self.

Fear, tradition and complacency belonged to those who just stared upon the rock, or wouldn’t look up at all, and for those excuses would never experience what God has for them. Others wanted more of God, made attempts to climb the rock but fell off, for they also wanted to impress or to give an appearance to those around them. And sadly, they too, would fall short of experiencing the fullness of God.

And then there were those who had been up on the rock, but were pulled back down. It is one thing to be in the church, and think you are doing just fine. But how tragic to have tasted the fellowship with Jesus, with His Spirit, in an abiding realm, and then go back to one’s compromise. The word says Christ will never leave us or forsake us. But to expose Him constantly to the stench of Calvary on us due to our holding on to sin and compromise, what must He feel and go through!)

I was then back in the first vision, standing in the pool of His blood, face to face with my Savior. I began to weep again in the awe of His presence. (In the awe of Him). What an example He set at Calvary. Jesus accepted His Father’s love. He accepted Himself and loved the Father so very much. He knew His identity and only did what the Father said. He knew what He was chosen to do, and despite the reality of it, accepted it in complete obedience. What great abundance followed the obedience of Calvary. The abundance of the resurrection.

It is an example that must be followed today, to accept God’s love and to accept ourselves. To know in whom our identity lies, listen only to His voice, and to walk that chosen path. Our abundance will follow obedience. If we say we truly love the Lord, then we must live in total faith and believe Jesus will do what He says He will do. (Other- wise it is not Jesus in whom we find our identity).

In all of this, I realized, to have His blood on one’s feet and to reach the top of the rock is only the first step of maturity. There is a depth in all of this that one is just embarking upon, the beginning of truly walking with Jesus. And those who have truly walked that path year after year, decade after decade, how they must have such a deep understanding, such a depth of what the authority of Calvary must really entail. How rich and satisfying that must be for them.

Upon hearing this, my prayer for you, as for myself, is this: When we are faced with a decision (no matter how great or small), when we find ourselves in a situation, perhaps one that seems overwhelming, or even in the routine activities of daily life, may we be able to picture ourselves on top of that rock, or standing in the pool of His blood face to face with our Redeemer. And at that pivotal point may we not decide to go back down off the rock, or step out of the pool of His blood, wipe His blood off our feet and go back to Gethsemane and act as Judas. But rather decide at that pivotal point, in the overwhelming darkness of the storm, to understand and walk in the authority of Calvary. So be it.

 Copyright © 2001-2002 Abba’s Heart Ministries       All Right Reserved

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