Steadfastly beholding ….

LUKE 9:51

“And it came to pass that when the time was come that Jesus would be received up, He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem.”

If God called you there, don’t lose sight of it. If He promised it to you, hang on and believe for it. If He told you it would be, then pray it down here because Isaiah said of the Lord, “If He says it, it will stand.” Steadfastly set your face to the “Jerusalem” that He has placed before you and you shall make it there.

Sometimes it’s hard and it seems like all we can do is breathe! Sometimes, that’s the best we can do: breathe and then weep. You know what? That’s okay! Breathe and weep, my friend, for truly Jesus feels that breath and catches those tears. He knows the pain you’re going through. He knows how hard it is for you, maybe you can’t get past your trouble… maybe you can’t get past yourself. Take a moment today and know that He loves you and is ready to give you strength, if you’ll just take it.

Discover where He is calling you to and then set your face in that direction and TRUST JESUS. Steadfastly behold your destination with excitement and joy as the Holy Spirit leads you there.

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