I Love Jesus

Let us wait for His return together and be found as good stewards of His heart, caring for those around us!

Jesus came to me and wooed me to Himself like a groom woos his bride. He brought me flowers and smiled big at me. He told me He couldn’t take His thoughts off of me. He told me He wants to spend all of His days blessing me and serving me. He sat me down and took off His robe, knelt down and washed my feet. He tenderly bathed them and dried them with His clothes. On His knees He proposed to me and asked if I would consider being His bride! He offered His Holy Spirit as a symbol of His promise to make me His wife. He said, “All of my Kingdom is yours. I hold nothing from you. All my riches are yours my love.” How could I resist someone such as this? How could I say no to such love?

It is the kind of love that I have always longed for. It’s a kind of love that you do not find anywhere in this world. I was almost content to stop searching for true love and then He captured me with one look into His eyes. I felt completely accepted and pure in His eyes! He made me feel like a treasure for the first time in my life!

He then asked His Father if He could take me as His bride. The Father said, “Her dowry is very costly my Son. You may pay her dowry with your own blood if she says yes.” So my groom took on flesh and walked down Calvary’s road like a true man. He said, “For the joy set before me, I endured the cross for you my love.” I was trembling when He told me that! I have never seen such love anywhere! I was speechless when He showed me what the Romans did to Him. He took my hand in His and put it to His side to touch where the spear had pierced Him. I was in awe that He would endure such pain for me! How could I resist such love? How could I say no to the only one who has ever loved me like this?

He put His ring on my finger and kissed me and told me, “I go to prepare a place for you. When I return you will be a bride without spot or wrinkle. You will be wearing the most glorious gown of my righteousness! All the host of heaven and earth will attend the wedding of the ages! Angels will sing and play their songs!”

“When I come, you must be ready,” He said.

Oh, how I long for that day! The day my groom comes for me! I look up into the sky and ask, “Is it today my love? Are you coming to rapture me today?” Before He left, He gave me all of His love letters that He had been writing for years and years. He said, “while I’m gone preparing a place for us, read my letters to you. In them I convey my deep unchangeable love for you. If you read them you will be assured that my promises are true and my love is endless for you.” How could I resist such love? How could I say no to this remarkable man?

He’s been away for some time now, but His Holy Spirit comforts me while He is gone. There have been days as harsh as the desert, but I have kept all of His letters with me. I read them and I am reminded that my groom loves me with a love like no other. There have been days I thought I was going to die with despair, but His letters comforted me and lifted my head! His promise is true and faithful as the One who gave it. I go about my days singing love songs to Him, longing for the day He comes to get me. Oh, what a day it will be; the Day Jesus comes for me!!

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