Hind’s Feet on High Places….

Jesus sees your heart and knows your effort, Never give up. In the Midst of the Storm, rejoice in Him, for He is worthy!

This word was given to someone at a meeting and I can’t get it out of my soul, I suppose it’s because it needs to bless you. What an amazing abundantly abounding God we serve that He would be so generous to so many.
Loving you from here, Sandi

“I have been holding your hand through the trials of life. Through the hot and raging sun of the Desert. You learned your need for Me there. Through the unsafe and unsure Wilderness. You learned to trust Me there. I was also there through the Valleys of your life and when you couldn’t walk, I picked you up. It was my pleasure to hold you in my arms and comfort you. You learned My Faithfulness there. Then came the Forest. All those trees of confusion and creatures of dismay. Do you remember those creatures who tried to bite your ankles and how I rescued you from them?! The Forest was a treacherous place and you learned to lean upon me there. Then we, you and I, began to climb these mountains that have been shouting at you for years. Slipping and falling. Crying in the rain. Reaching for my hand that you could not find in the dark and lonely times. But, you never stopped reaching for me. Condemnation and persecution have been your companions. But, I have known them and allowed their voice, so that you would be a proven vessel of honor that I could take to the mountaintop and allow to abide there. You learned faith on the mountain and it is good. You stand approved of your God and now as a token of my love, I have given you hind’s feet to leap upon these high places and never fall or fail.
In all of this learning you have found my love is steadfast and unmoveable toward you. I have made you to be a vessel who is not afraid to fight for peace. Others may maintain that peace, but it is you, in the name of Jesus, who must go out and fight for that peace and present it to those around you who will enjoy it. You are not battle weary, scarred or torn. You have kept yourself pure in my name. You are my warrior who rises up to accomplish great exploits for my glory because you have learned to trust in me. Truly I have made your hands strong in war so that a bow of steel is broken by your arms, which will destroy the enemy’s plan. It has taken time, but you did not shrink back from the task I set before you. As you continue in me, the enemy’s arrows will not be able to pierce those around you, nor the fervency that I have called you to in my Spirit. You bend and break his arrows to my command and for my glory!

Now the time has come for you to leap into the next season of your life. The journey behind you has prepared you for where we will go next. I shall cause you to leap from mountaintop to mountaintop. I will not be ahead or behind you, I will be rejoicing as we go together. You and I. Father and son, emerging from the toils and trials of this life and leaping from mountaintop to mountaintop with hinds feet and joyful hearts, we go! Your climbing is over. It has been a good journey and I am proud of you. Many are the rewards of the righteous who diligently seek Me and draw near. I take great pleasure in you and the angels also rejoice as they watch you accomplish greatness for My Glory!”

 Copyright © 2001-2002 Abba’s Heart Ministries       All Right Reserved

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