The Prophetic Gift in the Church

 The Prophetic gift in the church  

In these times of Revival and Revival Seekers, I have concerns that people are seeking the resource of God rather than God. People seem to be misunderstanding the purpose of the gifting. I don’t think people truly realize that the ultimate aim of God through this gifting is to prepare the church for His coming and the Revival that will usher Him in.

The Lord uses the prophetic gift to edify the saints: Which is to instruct in a time of error and encourage in a time of endurance. Yes, edification is correction, and sometimes a pretty strong correction! This gift also comes to “clean up the house” in an attempt to transform the church into the Bride. It usually plows a wide path for the coming Revival.

Often the prophetic gift must come in strength and frequency because people will not seek the Lord through prayer, fasting and reading of the Word. The Lord is longsuffering and tolerant in His quest to purify and perfect the man that He has created. Something for which we are all grateful! However, when people refuse to seek fellowship in their relationship and insist on leaning on resource; the Lord’s attitude takes a turn and instead of the miraculous, which IS what the prophetic helps to usher in, the Lord comes in righteous Judgment of a people who proclaim by their behavior that Calvary wasn’t enough and they “want a word.” I’ve seen them demand it like spoiled children.

In the midst of a powerful ministry time, hundreds of people had heard from God. The Lord was showing Himself so huge. Reminding the saints the power by which they were saved and the unsaved were truly as the Samaritan woman who said, “I know He is the Christ, because He knew all about me….”, someone asked me, “Well, don’t you have a word for me?’ I said, “Yes. His name is Jesus, isn’t He enough?’. It broke my heart because this person had been loved on by the Lord and they were not an immature Christian from what I could perceive. They just wanted something that they should have already known they had. The love and direction of the Father.

We must be careful to bathe in the resources of heaven, of which the giftings are part of, but not drown in them. We must only drown in Jesus! These gifts are a part of Him, but let us not “go swimming” because of the gifts, let’s go because of Jesus and the price He paid for us all!

You can see how this attitude of seeking the gifts grieves the Lord and can cause two things: 1) The Lord will hold off the Revival and/or 2) The enemy will creep in with false giftings. These giftings are bathed with enough truth to “sell” the imitation gift and then the flesh joins with the enemy for a show of abomination and many are deceived. This is the end times seducing spirit found in 1 Timothy 4. We must be careful to walk in purity. NOT throwing the “baby out with the bath water” as so many have done simply because they don’t take the time to allow the Holy Spirit to educate them in the things of the Spirit. Sometimes, if man doesn’t understand a thing or he can’t control it, he wants to kill it. The prophetic is treated that way in some churches and circles. Simple ignorance and fear. We must find the balance of the middle of the road.

The revelationary gifts of perception, discernment, wisdom, knowledge, etc. are different from the prophetic and should never be compared. You may mentor a revelationary gift. Of course, if it is a gift from God, it will be taught by the Holy Spirit. But from time to time, God may send someone in your path to help you to not destroy people along the way as you move in your gift. A burning bush doesn’t have to roll around the mountain and burn all the sheep up right along with the Shepherd, mountainside and sheepdogs! Speaking in such a way that people can receive these things is very important! However, the prophetic is not so. Many are thinking it is positive to mentor this gift. No man is to touch it! Spoken out of a sacrificed and sanctified life, flesh removed from that gift, it is all God. Can be and should be 100% accurate, completely God. Every if, and, or but. Every pause, tear or laugh. It is God. He doesn’t need your personality to move in this gift. He needs you to get out of the way. The Lord loves to manifest Himself through His gifts, let us allow Him to do that by preparing a clean vessel for Him to move through and a desire toward Him. Shall we prefer Him above all others? Paul told Timothy that there are vessels of honor and dishonor in the house of God. Let us be vessels of Honor by allow the Lord to move and not try to control or “mentor” His gifts! The Word says that the Holy Spirit will teach you these things!

There is a plan of the enemy moving across the nation right now to cause the saints to unfocus themselves. The enemy would love for us to get our eyes off of Jesus and onto the Prophetic. It’s almost like a wierd “psychic network” mentality. I’ve seen many churches reach a point of purity and launch out into great works, others have missed that mark of purity and launched out into what they feel are great works only to create much pain for themselves and the kingdom of God. The Israelites never walked in fellowship with the Lord because they were always standing at the bottom of the mountain asking Moses to hear God for them. Relationship yes. They were the children of God. But no fellowship. They didn’t really know what that relationship meant, nor did they care to know.

I think the prophetic gift is wonderful. Let’s protect it and have it in purity and holiness so that by the time it’s done flowing through us, it still looks like Jesus.

Our God is generous with who He is! So generous. Let’s not abuse that by being a “bless me club.” Let’s walk in that blessing and be brave enough to be a “kill me club.” Taking our walk with Christ a step further and allow the Holy Spirit to help us to yell “Crucify” to this flesh. Before God broke the bread and gave it to the 5,000; he blessed it! We are that blessed bread. Allow the Lord to break you, so that you may be given out to the hungry masses. That can’t happen if we are always desperate for a “word” or a “hope.” We live the Word and walk in Hope. And, when we really need something, Hey, go and get it. Pray with someone who has the gifting that you feel the Lord would have you to take advantage of at that time. It’s the body working together! Sisters and brothers with a merciful Father. Just don’t make a religion out of “chasing glitter,” “worshippping gold,” “getting healed” or “getting a word.”

Let us behave ourselves and be prepared to cry for the lost instead of our great needs. The Lord did say to seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else would be added unto us. The Kingdom of God has always been: souls! He came for them. We should care about that. We should care about the need of Christ above our own need. He really needs for people to get saved! Let the resources of heaven be used in that way! Let them pave the road to Calvary for the unsaved. Let the Samaritans say, “I know God is real, that was really GOD talking to me, He said stuff to me that nobody knew!” I’ve seen so many confessions of faith and repentance because of one conversation that God had with someone. Let’s not rob God of that. Let’s behave ourselves in our gifts and in the gifts of others. It’s all about Jesus!

He loves you. More than you know.

Your friend in the Bonds of Calvary,

Rev. Sandi Querin


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