Don’t Misunderstand What God Understands

2 Chronicles 8:11 Solomon brought up the daughter of Pharaoh out of the city of David unto the house that he had built for her for he said, My wife shall not dwell in the house of David, King of Israel, because the places are holy, whereunto the ark of the Lord hath come.

Solomon has been king about 20 years. He could have had any woman, and frankly Scarlett, he did! This was not his first wife, nor his last. We are talking about hundreds of them. Isn’t one headache enough?

I guess the wisest man in the world, Solomon, is having a glitch in his
“system.” He begins to do whatever HE wants to do and forgets about the consequences. In spite of his great giftings, God never took his ability to choose away. He hasn’t taken ours away either. Choosing is important. Choosing dictates our future.

Sometimes, when we get wrapped up in what WE want, we can begin to misunderstand what God understands. We begin to justify our sin and make a way around it without getting rid of it. Hebrews 12 says that we can’t run the race very well because we haven’t gotten rid of our “besetting sin.” That thing that just won’t go away. That thing that is constantly present and continually attacking us. Hebrews also tells us (12:4) that we “have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.” This means that sometimes we just kinda, sorta wanna get fixed up! Blood! To draw blood and lots of it, you have to cut deep. It’s all about destroying the work of the flesh, so that the work of Calvary might reign and rule in our lives. But we don’t want that if it’s going to cost us too much! Walking the race, not running it; never really costs too much! That’s why there is so much weak Christianity, we try to manipulate situations so that we can hold on to our sin. Makes weak runners. We were told to run the race, not walk it. The Word says we go from “Glory to Glory” “Christ in me the hope of Glory” “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength…” We begin to say things like, “Sex before marriage is okay, God knows we love each other and we’re going to get married anyway.” “My addiction is okay, God knows how weak I am.” “God understands my hatred for my enemies, He hates them too and I’m just moving in Him….(Ahem…)”

Solomon knows that this wife is bad. He won’t even bring her into the City of David. He organizes a whole new zip code for her. A house separate from everything and everywhere else. He KNEW that it wasn’t right to marry the daughter of Pharoah. Solomon is basically saying, “…. I can’t bring her here. This place is holy. Heck man, the ark of the covenant of the Lord is in this place! I’ve got to get her out of the City. Dad will roll over in his grave. God may throw fire. I just have to move her away from the holiness of God and this sanctified place….”

Is there something in your life, in your house, that you can’t bring into the presence of the Lord? Don’t create a new place for it. Don’t build it it’s own house. Get rid of it. It’s holding you hostage whether you know it or not. There is greatness in you. Go find it! How? Start by admitting to God that you’re messed up. In Leviticus the Lord makes this statement “…If my people will confess their sins, then I will remember my covenant (promises) to them….” Let’s go God! The next thing to do is to read the Word of God. Everything stems from the Word of God. You will learn how to worship there. You will gain passion for prayer and purpose in your decisions there. Romans says to “Renew our minds daily by the reading of the word.” Okay, daily read and your desires and purposes will be changed into God’s. That’s renewal! Renew your mind daily and the rest will follow. God’s waiting for you. The daughter/son of Pharaoh in your life is even waiting. If you weren’t such a compromiser, maybe she/he could have a shot at the truth! Live it Loud. The Holy Spirit of the Living God whom we serve will help you as you make an effort and reach toward Jesus. It just takes an effort, even a small one to give Him permission to awesomize you!

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