Are you a Control Freak?

Luke 18 “A certain ruler asked the Lord saying,
Good Master, What shall I do to inherit eternal life?
And Jesus said unto him, “You know the commandments:
Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not streal,
Do not bear false witness and honor your Father and Mother.”
And the ruler said to the Lord, All these have I kept from my
youth up. Now when Jesus heard these things, He said unto
him, “You lack one thing and it is this: Sell all that you have
and distribute it unto the poor and you shall have treasures in
heaven and come and follow me.” And when the ruler heard
this, he was very sorrowful; for he was very rich.”
This story is not about what the ruler had, it’s about what he
didn’t have. God doesn’t say everyone must sell all they have,
to qualify for the Kingdom of God, but God used this man’s
riches to reveal his heart.

What would he do if he sold everythng and then following
Jesus wasn’t what it was cracked up to be?
Where was his safety net? How would he ever regain all that
he had given away? He was a young man and very rich. So, it’s pretty safe to say that this was family money. What would his family say as he walked away and possibly even gave away the fortune they had worked so hard for? The fact that he cared more about that than following Christ exposes the crisis of his faith.

Losing control to someone else and trusting them is
called true love! We must have that in order to fully follow and
please Christ. Submitting to Christ says I will do what you say. BUT, yielding to Him says I don’t want my own way. We must not stop at submitting, we must Yield.

This story exposes a need and a lack:

Very Rich is not the problem here. A need for control is.
Very Sorrowful is not the problem here. A lack of trust is.

A lack of trust is really just the exposing of a weak faith. You see, mature faith has trust cradled within it, weak faith does not; it cannot trust. Here’s why:

A need for control is a product of a lack of trust. A lack of trust reveals a lack of faith(weak faith)and a lack of faith is caused by fear. An abundance of fear means that there is a lack of love. How do we know this is true? “Perfect love casts out fear and love makes faith operate”
(1 John 4:18 and Galatians 5:6) If you have a need for control in your life, it’s safe to say that more than likely you can’t trust very easily. This is often because of a fear. Perhaps you have been let down or disappointed by people or maybe even by God Himself? Maybe your pain and your wound is greater than your ability to trust God. “If you trust Him, it could happen again.” your soul tells you.

A lack of trust often manifests itself as a need for control, but the root cause of it is a lack of love, which creates weak faith, which in turn, prevents trust. How do we know this is true? Because the Bible says that “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” If we don’t love the Lord more than ourselves, we will not read His word. “Perfect love casts out fear”, the Word says, as we have read above. Where there is perfect love (a love that exalts Christ above ourselves in deed and heart)there will be trust, because fear cannot exist there. Isaiah said that those who trust in the Lord will have perfect Peace. What a great and fantastic attribute of trusting God: True and Perfect Peace!

Here’s a “trust test”for you: “I have Faith to believe for someone else but not for myself.” If that statement is true, then possibly you are a control freak! Is this statement also true?:
“I believe God heals, saves and delivers, but not me.” Do you believe God can do it, but not today and not for you? If these are your statements, then ask the Lord to forgive you and please, forgive Him, for whatever your hurt has been. He loves you and wants to control the waves that surround your life, let Him, won’t you?

Just as this story of the “rich young ruler” expresses our need to let Jesus have control and shouts at us to Trust God in all things, so too it is an expression of the 2 key elements of love: “Being able to not be in
control and to trust.”

My prayer is that you find the place of trust without fear today so that you can truly lean upon the One who holds your hand, and let Him have control. It is Jesus!

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