And You Thought You Had Trouble?

Victor Frankl said this while reflecting on his time in a concentration camp: “The nazi’s could take everything from me except one thing – the attitude with which I chose to respond to the situation.”

In the last 5 days, I’ve heard 3 different stories from people who have called from different states. I thought I’d relate their needs for prayer to you, in case your situation seems hopeless and you feel alone.

A woman. Her husband has just said that he’s leaving because he’s in love with a man. On the day that he leaves it is revealed that he has been sexually molesting 3 of their 5 children for 8 years. He admits it and runs. The next day she finds out that she has cancer. That evening, her 15 year old daughter comes home with the news: she’s pregnant. She’s holding on to Jesus, are you?

A man. His wife leaves him for an internet lover. The children blame him and side with the Mother. He loses his job and his Father is killed in a car crash, all within the same 2 day period. He’s holding on to Jesus, are you?

A woman. Her husband died 3 months ago. Last month, her sister and mother died. Her dog that she has had “forever” died. Best friend has a brain tumor and her brother who was a pastor, is in adultery and has thrown everything away. She had a heart attack and can’t move. Her son has a mental disorder and hasn’t been seen for 2 months. Her daughter is suing her over her husband’s estate and her brother-in-law, who is like a brother to her, was just diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, they give him no hope. She’s holding on to Jesus, are you?

The Revelation says that the devil knows his time is short so he comes with wrath. We know Whom we have believed and He will not fail! Fight saints, fight and contend for the faith as Jude said. What do YOU know?

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