A Vision of the Crushing of a Saint

In the midst of my broken heart and trial, I remembered that The Lord is the “Lifter of my head.” I asked Him why it didn’t seem like He was lifting my head up out of my sorrow and He said to me, “Because I can only lift your head if you are at Calvary and your broken heart has caused you to feel your pain more than mine, that will make you step away from Calvary.” How do I get to Calvary in the midst of my horror?” I cried. He compelled me with His love and said, “When your troubles become more about me and less about you, then you will find yourself at Calvary.” I began to worship and remember the magnitude of His greatness and my head was lifted! He is able and worthy! Give Him your heaviness and let Him take your burdens away. He will speak love and peace to your broken heart and wounded soul. He will shower your spirit with His abundance! Remember, there is always someone praying for you! Let your “head be lifted” up into His arms today! You are loved. Sandi

 A Vision of the Crushing of a Saint  

When life’s tragedies keep mounting and there seems like no relief in sight. Remember, please remember, our God has a greater purpose.

“My dearest friend:

As I saw you crushed as grapes are in a winepress; I heard your skin break and your meat give way under the intense pressure – nothing left but a limp resemblance of a torn, mutilated, lifeless bloody sack.

And then – then that was not enough. The winepress began to roll and your bloody remains were flung once again into the crushing weight of the winepress. Surely, there is nothing left I thought. But under the intense pressure – – yes, yes, something was dripping out of you.

One should look away. One should hide their eyes. No-one should lay eyes on what would be brought out of such agony. What could be squeezed out of such pain, what was there left. What could there possibly be left of you — what was the drippng substance?

I am ashamed to admit it; I had to know, so I leaned closer. I was compelled to know – to know what it was that dripped from such violent pressure.

And, this is what I saw: I saw salvation. I saw deliverance. I saw healing. I saw forgiveness and I saw love. I saw Jesus! Jesus in You!

So, How does it feel? How does it feel to so share in His agony? How does it feel to soooo know Him?

He truly lives in all of you, every part of you. No place left undone, no place uninhabited by the Holy One. How does it feel?”

Let us walk worthy of our calling as Christians and say “Yes Lord” to whatever He requires. If we shout, “Calvary is enough”, then we must live in the resurrection power to demonstrate the truth of it!
Copyright © 2001-2002 Abba’s Heart Ministries       All Right Reserved

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