A Dream

Note from Sandi: Come, let us bring the gospel to every nation. Let us bring it in power, without considering the Post-Modern generation, the Senior Prejudice or the Powerpoint Presentation. This gospel has been entrusted to us so that we could not only present it with power, but live it in purity! Let it not be said that we entertained the church right out of it’s love and passion for Jesus! Let’s just BRING IT! 

 A Dream  

This is a dream from Anthony Rodriguez,which I thought relevant to the body of Christ. He and his wife, Kim, are proven vessels and live in Northern California.

I had a dream where I was talking to some elderly people, two women and one man which were brother and sisters. The women were talking about the houses they and their brother owned which were bought for them by their father. One of them said to me she lived on a corner house and her sister lived across the street from her on the other corner. They seemed to be proud of the fact that they had houses close together bought for them by their dad and that they almost owned the whole street.

I felt sad for them because they did not realize that they were old and had no one left to pass down their houses to as their dad did for them. I was polite and as I was leaving they started talking about Christians and called them “prudes”. They were implying that Christians were stuffy and didn’t have any fun. They were coming against purity and some of the “hard rules” of Christianity, saying that people should be able to do what they want to.

I was unlatching the hook off a cyclone gate when one of the women said to me, “You know, sometimes Christians are not prudes. But even when they don’t seem to be, really they are”. It seemed to be an accusation of hypocrisy, that when Christians sin they don’t admit it and act like they never did sin.

I wasn’t going to get into a debate and defense of Christians but I suddenly felt wisdom from the Holy Spirit with an urge to speak and I said, “Look, Jesus said not to even look at a woman lustfully or else you have committed adultery. So until you get Jesus to change His mind, then I’ll continue being a prude. Even still, I’m not a very good prude.” Meaning I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend to be.

They looked at me in astonished disbelief. They didn’t know how to respond or what to say. They just looked at me with their mouths hanging open. I awoke and got up to go to work wondering if this dream had any meaning. I felt it was from the Lord but I didn’t know why.

I was talking to my wife, Kim, about it and as I described the dream to her, it’s significance came to me. They could argue religion, philosophy, morality etc…., and probably would have had a clever answer. But what they couldn’t argue with was what Jesus said and the fact that He said it. It was no longer my opinion but Jesus’ opinion and they had nowhere to go.

Then the Lord reminded me of a time when I witnessed to a couple guys at work and they wondered if I thought they were going to hell or not. I told them I didn’t want them to go to hell, but I believe in Jesus and if I believe in Him I have to believe what the Bible says is true. That without Jesus people will go to hell. They seemed satisfied with my answer and were not offended nor had any smart aleck reply. It was not what I thought anymore but what Jesus thought.

It then hit me that we have been defending the faith in the public square of ideas in a an almost off handed way. We have let the enemy define the rules of what’s acceptable and tried to meet him there. We have tried to “prove” the Bible to be God’s word worthy of acceptance above all other philosophies and religions, or at least the best choice.

While I believe that the faith had been more than adequately defended in this way, we seemed to have lost the heart of the nation. When people believe that there are moral, intellectual and scientific justification for indulging in sin they will do so. We have been defending and proclaiming the foundation from the second floor so to speak.

I believe there is room for philosophical debates and the proving ground for truth by comparing other religions (comparing, not accepting all as equal). I believe there is a place to show the reliability of Scriptures as they will increase the faith of a believer. I believe it is important to demonstrate that at the moment of conception a human is alive at that instant and not later. I believe the endeavor to properly put 19th century science to death by disproving Darwinism is important. Yes, I believe it is important to answer all of society’s golden calves and destroy them in light of God’s logic. I believe in social reform.

But what I think God is showing me in this dream and what I have experienced first hand is that when you say what Jesus said there seems to be no answer, no refutation, no quick witted zinger. No one and nothing can answer the Messiah. He is the Ultimate Apologetic. There must be something in the heart of man that recognizes this when they hear the word of truth, it is irrefutable. Perhaps this is why the movie the Passion is so powerful. No debating just here it is the pure Gospel.

No more debating on the battlegrounds hewed out by the enemy. Let them battle with their hearts and God’s word. I don’t have to prove the Bible is God’s word, they know it in their hearts already.

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